Strategic Policy

Asthenius, with a management team that are published regularly for their views on economics, geopolitics and structural aspects concerning global, pan-regional and country-focused developments, utilise their expertise to provide ‘pathway’ strategies that encompass the identification of risks and incorporation of systemic trends both prior to market-entry as well as subsequent to corporate presence where re-assessment is necessary.

Our Op-Ed articles have been published in:
The Hill (United States, Washington D.C., 2021),
The National Interest (United States, Washington D.C),
The Hill (United States, Washington D.C., 2019),
Israel Hayom (Israel),
— IHS Markit (formerly Janes 360, North American Edition),
Daily Sabah (Turkey).

Our news articles have been showcased within:
— Bloomberg (United Kingdom),
— Hedge Fund Manager (United Kingdom),
— Habertürk (Turkey),
— Sabah (Turkey),
— Daily Sabah (Turkey),
— Gazete Vatan (Turkey).